D  I  G  I  T  A  L
R  U  N  W  A  Y

Digital Runway Ltd is an internet based company utilising the very latest in technology. We are spread out between Auckland, Tauranga, Stratford and for some projects, Sri Lanka.

In this market we survive and excel due to a simple philosophy. We listen to our clients and we create superb websites that the end users love.

The website strategy   ' Attract - Engage - Convert '

Great advertising is about communicating your message in the clearest, most concise English possible. Using this principle we've been creating brand strategy and writing outstanding copy for advertisers for years.

Engagement involves making things interesting for the user when they arrive at your website. That is why Digital Runway go to such great lengths to ensure our websites have outstanding visual appeal, reflecting the elegance and integrity of the brand.

Low engagement websites equate to what Google calls a 'high bounce rate'. You get about three seconds while the user decides whether or not they'll continue reading or click out.

We don't do clutter. More is not necessarily better. We have a minimalistic defined design approach based on sound marketing principles. Simplicity, elegance and functionality. No thinking, no more than three clicks to get to the required information. 24/7 advertising that works.

Mobile Friendly.  A recent Google study indicated that an astonishing 65% of online searches began on a smart phone with 46% of searches exclusive to phones.

In fact Google bots now comb the net specifically looking for mobile friendly sites and mark them as 'Mobile-Friendly' when the search is done from a phone. Be prepared. An example of one of our mobile friendly screen responsive websites, is Here

Check out our code sharing forum and please contribute: Forum

Our content management systems are second to none. That's because we build them to suit each client. We wont dump on you a Word Press or Joomla plugin. You'll get the ability to change your website as easily as editing a Word doc. No difficult control panel. An edit button simply appears beside each field if you are logged in as an Admin. Kind of like a Face Book.